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Summer 2020

The Summer of 2020.

It's on its way out as fast as it came. Now September is here.

I remember during the last days of May, I (like probably many others) was feeling optimistic about the summer months ahead. This pandemic would surely be over by then and everything would go back to normal. I'd be back in NYC in no time, working long hours during the week and paying for overpriced brunches on the weekend. Or so I thought (if only we had a magic 8 ball).

Once it became clear that this pandemic wasn't close to being over (it still isn't), I had to come to the realization that this summer would look a little different. We've heard it many times before that this is the new normal. That phrase resonated with me more in the early days of summer than it did in March. Summers are meant to enjoy the outdoors, go on new adventures, sit by campfires and spend time with friends and family.

Instead of holding on to what could have been, I decided to let go and look forward to what could be.

Now as we soak up the last summer days, I've spent some time reflecting on these past few months. However much anxiety, stress and uncertainty they brought over me on many days, I'd like to think that being able to work from home and push through this pandemic has brought some good as well. For starters, I can be very Type A, and this pandemic has forced me to really let go of control over things that I'm not able to. It's also taught me some patience (for the time being, haha) as I'm used to being caught up in the rat race lifestyle that is Manhattan.

This summer has given me the gift of opportunity and time.

I've been able to do and experience things these past few months that maybe I wouldn't have had time or thought about before. For one, working from home has given me the flexibility to work really anywhere, so I've been able to spend more time with my family than I have since my college years. My husband and I also decided through all this craziness it was a good time to sell our one bedroom apartment, so I look forward to finding our next place together.

With traveling being limited and trips getting canceled, I've been going on more road trip and quick weekend getaways. I went to The Hamptons for the first time this summer (I still don't know how it took me this long to go!) and I cannot wait to go back! I was also able to have a fun girl's weekend with a few of my girlfriends who have been in my quarantine bubble. It felt so nice to have some sort of normalcy being with friends as we're all trying to make best of the situation.

As far as Hello Weekend goes, I think I've really been able to grow my site and blog more now than ever. Every day is a learning curve as I'm trying to navigate my way through this blogging world. With some extra time at hand, I've been able to turn some of my sketches into a reality and started selling candles and tee shirts. I know this is just the beginning and I look forward to seeing what's next.

Without getting too philosophical and deep, I think this summer is one that I'll never forget (besides obvious reasons). In these past few months, I've been able to learn more about myself and what I want to work towards. We're not able to look into the future and right now, it seems like things change day by day. Throughout all this craziness, all you can do is try to be positive (understanding there will be harder days) and just know that better days are ahead.



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