• Ashley Ramey

Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas

Actualizado: 11 de oct de 2020

INGREDIENTS: Tequila of your choice (I use 1800 silver or Casamigos) One lime One jalapeño (fresh) Jalapeño Limeade juice (From Trader Joe's) Chile Lime seasoning (from Trader Joe's)

INSTRUCTIONS:  To start, use lime to get the glass rim wet (I've found that salt sticks to the glass better with lime over water).  Dip the wet rim in the chile salt mix and rotate until rim is covered with garnish.  (Optional): Put some ice cubes in the cup after the rim has garnish. Pour a single or double shot of tequila in the cup. Fill the remaining of the cup with the jalapeño limeade juice. Cut the jalapeño and remaining lime to top off the drink. (Optional): You can sprinkle additional chile salt in the drink if you want a little more spice. Enjoy & drink!

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