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Nailed It...At Home

Actualizado: 26 de jul de 2020

Most of us are about two months into working from home or quarantining and at this point, our manicures are long gone. It's nice for your nails to be able to breathe for a little, especially if you usually get back-to-back manis. But, if you're itching to book an appointment and aren't able to, I've come up with some alternatives. Whether you want a natural look, some stick ons or nail art, I've got you covered. Read below for more detail!

ManiMe is a cool new site that I've recently come across and tried out. I'll always be a little apprehensive about stick ons because I've never come across a brand where they stayed on perfectly. However I will say this site is really neat because it makes you upload photos of your hands and detects your nail size, shape and curve so that it can tailer the stickers to you. it's just $25 to get a set with a design and includes a mini file and additional stick ons. Solid color stick ons are available for $15.

If you're not a fan of stickers and prefer regular nail polish, essie has a great collection of regular polish and long lasting polish. They also have a great feature on their site that includes a color bar, where you drag to a color you like and it will pull up shades in that spectrum.

Dior has a natural glow enhancer for under $30 if you're interested in keeping the natural nail game strong and want to keep them looking healthy.

You can also treat yourself to a stay-at-home spa day and use a vitamin treatment packet for your nails. Get it at Anthropologie for only $4.

Another great company that I've recently come across is Olive & June. I discovered them when I purchased their cuticle serum and started using it religiously. Though I haven't tried all their products, they have great products and kits that can be used right at home. You can purchase individual polish colors, studio box kits or just regular nail art stickers (photo for reference).

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