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Honeymoon Vibes

The ultimate getaway.

This sounds so silly, but choosing our honeymoon destination was easily one of the toughest parts of wedding planning. How long do you go for? How long do you wait to go after the wedding? Do you want a relaxing vacation or an adventurous vacation? You can go anywhere in the world. I think you get the point, but the questions are endless. Before you lock down a place, make sure you do your research on the location, the activities and resorts in that area, if the time of year you're looking at is the best time to go (hurricane season or winter season).

Make It Picture Perfect. Yes, honeymoons are meant to unwind and unplug, but it's also meant to make new memories! If you're plunging into the sea, zip-lining or on your way to see a castle, how fun would it be to document it? GoPros are the great way to do this! If you're on a more wallet-friendly budget, Kodak still has the old school waterproof cameras. 

Everyone Loves a Title. Nothing says a honeymoon like having an oversized hat that says 'Honeymooning.' Yes, it might be a cliché to have one, but why not/?! Etsy offers various hats and fonts that can showcase your new married name, 'Mrs.', 'Just Married', 'Rose all Day' and more basic girl sayings (I am not denying that I am one of them). 

Get Misty. When you enter a different climate, your skin is often the first to react. Whether you're going to a tropical hot spot or a wintery wonderland, you should be prepared with some skin products. Bringing a (travel-sized) mist spray and using it should be incorporated in your vacation morning routine. Your face will thank you later. Get yours at Sephora

Write it Down. If you're a little old fashioned and like writing stuff down, bringing a journal with you is a great idea. If you're going to an exotic place that you can't even pronounce, you might thank yourself down the road if you write it down. It's also nice to keep a log of specific things that you did so if you ever wanted to go back, you could reference your journal and re-create your honeymoon all over again! Kate Spade has super cute journals.

Cover It Up. No, not that kind of cover up. Assuming you and your new hubby are heading out of the country (no judgement if you're not), you'll need to bring your passport. Why not dress it up with one of Kate Spade's bridal collection so people know you mean business. Also, they are super cute.  hether your honeymoon consists of adventures, relaxing, wining & dining, or all of the above, re are some necessities that every girl should have with her

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