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Beaded Handbags

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Beaded bags have grown in popularity this Spring/Summer season. You've probably noticed them popping up on your Pinterest and Instagram feeds and wondering how durable or useful they really are. Well, I was wondering the same thing so I did a little bit of research for you!

While there are true beaded bags (as in there's no real structure to them), there are more durable ones where you can use more than just to have for looks.

Bag information listed in order of photos (starting from the upper left hand corner):

1.Customize Beaded Oscar Bag

2. Etsy White Pearl Handbag

3. Etsy Clear Beaded Bag

4. Topshop White Pearl Bag

5. Etsy Black Beaded Tote

6. Summer Pearl Embellished Handbags Mini Tote Bag

7. Shopbop Watermelon Handbag

8. Etsy Purple Beaded Bag

9. Etsy Red Beaded Bag

10. Club Monaco Beaded Bag

11. Nordstrom Rack Mini Beaded Top Handle Bag

12. Etsy Vintage Style Beaded Bag

13. Red Dress Turquoise Multi Beaded Bag

14. Customize Mini Watermelon Bag

15. & Other Stories Pink Round Beaded Bag

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